JETMAC Inc. Technology Connection Program is designed to target at-risk youth who need school-to-work, adults who need welfare-to-work preparedness, including adults returning to work who need updated vocational work skills.

We connect information and Technology by providing men, women and children with tools to advance in education research and self development. Implementing resources online . We focus on serving the disenfranchised and underserved communities of Los Angeles and the San Bernardino County.

The Technology Mobile Arts Center delivers the necessary elements required to improve overall conditions that are necessary factors for striving toward a healthier community. We actively partner with the public schools to improve current programs and encourage computer classes. Our staff is trained to assist students in focusing on Job Skills, Entrepreneurship training, Business 101 Training and how take advantage of opportunities.

A segment of our program includes Black History Cultural Education and Awareness.  We partner with other organizations to better serve each community and their barriers.